U.S.—Third World? 

Has the U.S. become part of the Third World?

In the past decade major cruise lines have boycotted several Mexican ports on the west coast due to crime and violence in those cities, or due to swine flu outbreaks. American tourists are often warned by the State Department to avoid certain areas around the world due to the potential for danger from disease, crime, or terrorism.

So, who is warning international tourists about visiting the United States?

As of early June 2022, there had already been 246 mass shootings in the U.S. this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive .  Gun violence had caused the deaths of more than 18,800 people. 

Unfortunately, the tally keeps increasing. A domestic terrorist even opened fire on crowds waiting to watch a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, killing at least six and wounding dozens more. Domestic terrorists have attacked churches and other places of worship, shopping malls, places where large crowds congregate, and peaceful demonstrations. 

The ethnicity of the American terrorists is difficult to gauge because of differing definitions of what constitutes a mass shooting. Media outlets have tried to track ethnicities of the shooters, but no government agency appears to have kept statistics. Politifact studied the various stats compiled as of October 2017 and found that between 54 percent and 63 percent of the shootings were committed by non-Hispanic white males. A Rand study found that 98 percent of mass shooters are males, and 82 percent are 45 or younger.

Many Americans arrogantly look down on Third World countries that only make the local news when they have suffered a sensational, severely violent incident. But those same Americans should open their eyes to what is happening here in their own back yard. According to the statistics above, foreign travelers should think twice about visiting the U.S. And if they do come, they should especially keep an eye out for young white guys. They might be dangerous.

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Patrick W. Andersen's debut novel, Second Born, won critical acclaim for its reimagining of the life of Jesus as he grew up with his brothers and sisters in Sepphoris. His new novel, Acts of the Women, tells stories of how women, in the decades after the crucifixion, helped give birth to what eventually became Christianity.
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1 Response to U.S.—Third World? 

  1. Chip Koehler says:

    Isn’t it convenient that the CDC recently said that children are dying in pandemic proportions by random gun shot wounds but they either don’t track or refuse to report the scientific data on the shooter’s identity? Also, it’s pretty safe to say that the frequent shootings in Chicago, NYC, and other cities are most often black on black murder or attempted murder. Interesting that every Monday we hear about how many died or were wounded, but seldom hear about the arrests and who was arrested. They don’t end up in the scientific data base for 2 reasons – it wasn’t a mass murder and there was no arrest. But what we do know is this – domestic terrorists and just plain Saturday night thugs are not NRA members. If they were this would be front page, main stream media news.

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