Mary Magdalene’s role in the birth of Christianity

Who was Mary Magdalene, and what was her role in the birth of Christianity? That question has sparked controversy—and allegedly some coverups and rewriting of church history—for about 2,000 years

Several reviewers of my novel, Acts of the Women, remarked on my elevation of Mary’s status and that of many other women of the early Jesus movement. Several issues seem to arise consistently, such as:

Did the title Magdalene refer to the Galilean village Magdala, or to Migdal, which meant The Tower?

Were Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany the same person?

Why does my book omit Mary of Bethany’s sister, Martha?

Jonathan Poletti has published an essay entitled, “Did Christianity slash Mary Magdalene’s part in the Bible?” It touches on the questions above s well as several others. Here is a link:


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Patrick W. Andersen's debut novel, Second Born, won critical acclaim for its reimagining of the life of Jesus as he grew up with his brothers and sisters in Sepphoris. His new novel, Acts of the Women, tells stories of how women, in the decades after the crucifixion, helped give birth to what eventually became Christianity.
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